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Youtric® will speed up your metabolism and take you into the fat burning in approx.
60 minutes
start now with youtric® KETO!

Are you tired, lacking energy and fed up with eternal diets and food optimization?

YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE…not anymore!

With youtric® KETO you can change your metabolism in no time. After just the first intake youtric® will support your fat burning successfully. The supplied ketones also ensure that the blood sugar level remains low and so you will have improved concentration, better sleep, successful fat loss and more energy!








More Energy

By taking youtric® KETO you save time in your everyday life because you don’t have to worry about your nutrition plan all the time. You feel more satisfied and balanced, even if you don’t have a perfect day in terms of nutrition and sports. That’s because in the state of ketosis your fat burning is running at full speed. 24 hours – around the clock. Seven days a week.

Change your metabolic state!

You would never guess it… But with youtric® losing weight is as easy as pie!


How youtric® KETO works?

Your fat cells are not there to annoy you!On the contrary, the stored fat is to give your body energy so that it can function properly. Because without energy nothing works! In former times, about 10,000 years ago, this was not a problem, because the food at that time contained hardly any sugar in the form of carbohydrates. But over the course of time, that’s exactly what has changed. We eat pizza, pasta, potatoes, bread and other products made from grains far too often. Your body, however, is still the same as it was when these foods didn’t exist. Our metabolism has adapted over time and now draws energy from these carbohydrates rather than from fat cells. This means that nowadays almost everyone is in the so-called sugar metabolism.

How do we get this problem under control?

Very simple: With youtric® KETO we change the state of your metabolism. From sugar metabolism to fat metabolism – just like in the past.

How does it work?

We deprive the organism of carbohydrates as far as possible. If carbohydrates are missing as an energy source, something incredibly exciting happens: Your metabolism automatically switches from sugar metabolism to fat metabolism. This means that your body now uses its own fat reserves again to supply your cells with sufficient energy. This state is called ketosis.

The name says it all

Because in this natural metabolic state the stored fats are released and converted in the liver to so-called ketone bodies (ketones), which are used instead of carbohydrates for all cells to produce energy. However, there is a small catch here: the body must first „relearn“ this type of previous energy production and for this you need patience. The complete changeover of the metabolism takes an average of 4 to 12 weeks. But who has patience? Especially when it comes to losing weight. Nobody!

With youtric® KETO you can accelerate the process dramatically!

youtric® KETO contains exogenous, i.e. externally supplied, ketones. The same ones that your body produces when you largely deprive it of carbohydrates. Only with one very decisive difference: while you have to wait up to 12 weeks for the effect of endogenous ketones (ketones that the body forms itself), the exogenous, i.e. externally supplied ketones, take effect within just 60 minutes! This means:

Already after the first intake your fat burning is successfully supported. The ketones supplied with youtric® KETO additionally ensure that your blood sugar level remains low and thus also the hormone insulin. This is an important step to enable the breakdown of excess fat. And this is exactly what happens when you take youtric® KETO. The insulin level is low and the hormone glucagon is automatically produced by the pancreas.
Glugacon is your best friend, because it is responsible for fat loss.

With youtric® KETO your fat burning is running at full speed.
24 hours – around the clock. Seven days a week.

After taking youtric® KETO your body is already in a state of ketosis
within only 


How does youtric® KETO work best?

youtric®️ KETO promotes fat or weight loss best during long ketogenic phases. Taking it, for example, early in the morning and then the first meal only at noon. For an even better effect, it is recommended to take it after an early dinner to stay in fat metabolism (ketosis) all night. Optimal is to combine both and use youtric®️ KETO 2 x daily. The longer the fat metabolism lasts, the better the effect.

Ideally it is best to combine it with „short term fasting*“
and „peacefood keto cure*“.
*Both guide books by Ruediger Dahlke.

The lower the carbohydrate content of the diet, the greater the fat loss with youtric®️ KETO, because concentrated carbohydrates interrupt ketosis.

Sufficient fluid intake (still spring water) is also important.
Minimum 2 liters per day.


That’s what our customers say



„I am thrilled. But not only from the taste, but also from the effect. Awesome, I have never lost weight so well. And also highly recommended from an athletic point of view. It gives me more strength and energy.
Always a pleasure. Not only for weight loss.“

Michael W.


8 kg in 4 weeks. Unbelievable!!!!!!“



„A really cool product. I lost 5 kg in 4 weeks without changing my diet much. I can only recommend it to everyone, you can not go wrong. The madness!“

Antje M.


„So far, diets have not really worked for me. But with youtric Keto I am super happy because I lost 6 kg in 3 weeks. I still can’t believe it and I’m super happy.“


Everything at a glance!



High quality youtric® KETO powder in cocoa or mango-lemon taste


Increases your energy and concentration


vegan and gluten-free


Gets you into ketosis/fat burning in approx. 60 min


Supports you to lose weight sustainably


Lightning shipping from Germany


Why use youtric® KETO for training?

Take your athletic performance to the next level by taking youtric® KETO 30 minutes before your workout. You’ll notice that it increases the efficiency of your oxygen utilization and improves your endurance, strength, resistance and recovery.

Protects against muscle breakdown

Ketones have the property of saving proteins. youtric® KETO is designed to help you restrict calories in a time window of 3 to 5 hours,thus preserving muscles and protecting them.


youtric® KETO gives you fast and sustainable energy from the inside out. It increases your strength and improves the mobility of your joints. It also supports you sustainably in the reduction of belly fat.

Does youtric® KETO replace a healthy diet?

No. youtric® KETO is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. youtric® KETO serves as a supplement.

How often is youtric® KETO taken?

Once a day, 15 g of powder in 400 ml of water.

How should youtric® KETO be stored?

In a cool, dry and dark place.

Can youtric® KETO be consumed in case of lactose intolerance?

Yes, youtric® KETO is dairy-free and contains no animal products (vegan).

Does youtric® KETO contain sugar?

No. youtric® KETO contains sugar-free sweeteners, e.g. erythritol, stevioglycosides.

Is youtric® KETO gluten-free?


What nutritional values does youtric®
KETO cocoa flavour contain?

(click on the image to enlarge)

What are the ingredients of youtric® KETO cocoa flavour?
Sweetener: erythritol, acidity regulator: sodium bicarbonate, calcium beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate, natural flavouring, L-Leucin, 6.7 % low-fat cocoa powder, taurine, magnesium salts oft citric acid, calcium salts of orthophosphoric acid, cat’s claw root extract 10:1 (Uncaria tomentosa), salt, magnesium oxide, sweeteners: steviol glycosides from steva, potassium salts of orthophosphoric acid, bitter orange fruit extract 8:1(Citrus aurantium, conains 6 % synephrine), pyridoxine hydrochloride, methylcobalamin

What nutritional values does youtric®
KETO Mango-Lemon contain?

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What are the ingredients of youtric® KETO Mango-Lemon?
Sweetener: erythritol, acidity regulator: sodium bicarbonate, calcium beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate, L-leucine, natural flavor, inulin (chicory), taurine, magnesium salts of citric acid, calcium salts of orthophosphoric acid, cat’s claw root extract 10:1 (Uncaria tomentosa) , 2.4%/ mango fruit powder (Mangifera indica L.), acidulant: DL-malic acid, magnesium oxide, sweetener: steviol glycosides from stevia, table salt, potassium salts of orthophosphoric acid, bitter orange fruit extract 8:1 (Citrus aurantium, contains 6%/ Synephrine), colorant: beta-carotene, pyridoxine hydrochloride, methylcobalamin

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